Erotic Massage: ThaiTouch Massage

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Thai Touch Massage

An exciting and refreshing combination of sensual body to body sliding and exotic procedures, Thai Touch massage assures the free flow of your erotic energy throughout the body, removing with great sensuality and tenderness blockages created by stress and tensions of all kind. Sexual energy is fundamental for the general welfare of our being.


The role of the ThaiTouch massage is to liberate the path so this energy can circulate freely. This will bring a new spirit in your life, a richer, more delicious perspective on your sex life and life in general. Thai Touch massage will sharpen your senses, plunging you deeper into the world of your own senses, of which you will become more aware, and consequently more powerful. It has an effect of awakening and harmonization of the entire body. Deep free breathing is necessary to boost the energy flow during the massage. Controlled breathing will be encouraged.


The entire body is honored, and then all the energy that has been awakened will be spread in pleasant waves throughout the body, harmonizing your entire being - body, mind, soul. It is a wonderful experience that you should not miss. Thai Touch massage expands consciousness and awakens the spiritual dimension of the being. Its purpose is to lift the energy at the highest possible level through the awakening and caressing of the senses.


It is a meditation, a dance out of time and of ordinary repetitive life, which lacks the savor of your deep inner feelings. It is an occasion to reflect, an oasis of peace and relaxation where you can settle back within your own womb, in your own inner universe, away from the speed and running of everyday life. Give yourself this wonderful gift! You deserve it! You will feel calm, centered, happy and full of energy.




Duration of massage: 1 h