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Discover the power of your sexuality!

We, the people, have not received an adequate education as far as the power of the erotic energy is concerned and therefore, we are not aware of the incredible benefits we can enjoy if we use it consciously. Unlike animals, humans have the ability to make love in an intelligent, sensual way full of love. However, most of the times, most people feel disappointed or remain unfulfilled after sexual intercourse. Why? Because we, people, are like the owners of a precious Stradivarius violin to which we have never learned to play as we should have had. (Jolan Slang) iTantric brings a new concept, which aims to show you how to apply Tantric teachings in your life and in your couple relationship.

Sexuality is an extraordinary power; if we know how to use it intelligently we can transform our life into a peerless concert of the senses in which we are really present and active in what we do. iTeaTalk invites you to a free talk at a tea party with one of our masseuses, in a both relaxing and exciting atmosphere, wrapped in natural exotic flavors. The sensual rhythm of the carefully selected music will add eroticism and flavor to this experience. You will learn the secrets of perfect control of your sexual energy, ways to refresh your love relationship and you will discover the exceptional benefits of a harmonious and healthy integration of sexuality in your life. In an intimate and open environment we will be able to tackle:

- Benefits of the Tantric practice

- Techniques of amplification of potency and virility

- Techniques of transmutation and sublimation of the sexual energy

- Above ejaculation!

Real orgasm! Our girls are here to satisfy your curiosity and to indicate all you need to know to make your love life more and more sensual and full of the flavor of a refined eroticism. If you wish, during the iTeaTalk session you can tackle with your masseuse, aspects of various sexual problems, fears, frustrations, etc., you are struggling with, during the assisted meditations, breathing techniques, focusing attention techniques, polarization in couple techniques, etc. ITeaTalk session will be personalized according to your curiosity. Such a discussion is also designed to prepare you for the massage that will follow if you choose it. Our masseuses have the practical experience and the ability of empathy required to guide you step by step. 

A step towards iTantric = 10 steps to yourself! 

Session length: 30 min.