Erotic Massage: Taoist Massage

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Taoist Massage

Taoist massage is an exceptional sensual and sensorial journey that leads quickly and efficiently to physical and mental relaxation and stress relieving.

This will allow you to have an intense, charming and uplifting experience. Our Taoist massage pleasantly combines acupressure with sensual touches. It transposes you into a different state of mind, anticipating expanded states of pleasure felt in the whole body. If you are one of those who hunt only a 'happy ending', this massage is not for you. Taoist massage is a spiritual sensual practice, which stimulates and spreads the sexual energy throughout the whole body, for the benefit of your whole being. Taoist massage is performed in an atmosphere of harmony and tenderness. Every part of your body is caressed and relaxed with much care and attention. You just need to pay attention to what you experience, to the sensations and states that awaken in your body.

Taoist massage keeps you in the present moment. The more you abandon yourself to this unique sensorial experience, the more you benefit from it. Taoist massage is a real opportunity to have an inner experience that you have never had before. When there is interaction, you are tempted to get lost in each other, that is why you are asked to remain passive and focus on receiving the massage. If you manage to relax well enough, this experience can change your life. It is a journey within yourself that allows you to discover yourself; it teaches you to look inside yourself, to pay attention to your own body and to the sensations triggered during the massage.

This attentive relish of your own feelings will make you feel truly alive. It is an incomparable experience. Sometimes such an experience can happen from the first massage, sometimes it takes more. It depends on your ability to relax, to receive and enjoy the sensual touches free of expectations. Such a massage has many benefits on the whole being that can be felt for several days. After our Taoist massage you will feel fulfilled, serene, balanced and full of life.


Duration of massage: 1h