Erotic Massage: Tantric Massage

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iTantric Massage

iTantric massage is a super sensual, special and unique massage. Gentle, affectionate, done carefully, is aimed to the wellbeing of the whole being and focuses on raising the sexual energy. It aims to the relaxation and the fulfillment of the whole being.Consciously or not, each of us seeks the fulfillment of our soul, which is happiness. Touching, caressing is a gateway to the human soul and a necessary condition for happiness. Therefore, sensual massage is a very good opportunity for us to open our being beyond our common limits in order to feel more and more pleasure in the whole body and even to be happier.

iTantric massage is done nude, body to body. It is the most spiritual of our massages. Few know that controlled sexual energy conducted at will can provide exceptional, more enjoyable and more delightful experiences, beyond the simple instinctual pleasures. Relaxation is essential to having a deeply rewarding and pleasant experience. Let yourself be guided by your masseuse! The beauty of her nude body, her refined eroticism full of tenderness, the warm atmosphere of relaxation combined with a delicious sensuality will reveal surprising new dimensions of your own inner being.

iTantric massage includes elements of deep relaxation, the aware awakening and leading of the erotic energy through various unique, sensual techniques meant to raise the sexual energy, to harmonize your chakra-s and a meditative state of gratitude.Offer yourself this wonderful experience, which teaches you to taste and enjoy consciously the magic of the feminine sensual touching in order to fulfill both your soul and your body. After the iTantric massage you will feel deeply relaxed, regenerated, reconciled; you will feel better, lighter, more upbeat and much happier.

Massage duration: 1h30min.

This massage can be performed with two masseuses.