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- our massages improve erotic desire and sexual performances, amplify virility (for men) and femininity (for women) by awakening the erotic energy and the special effect of relaxation generated by the hormonal release at every chakra level

- this experience will inspire you to find simple ways to release stress during hectic days

- after a period of receiving iTantric massages you will feel more fulfilled and content with your life


- they open you towards the spiritual dimension of your being and this will make you feel closely related to your masseuse in an affectionate and spiritual way. This is a fulfilling experience full of revelations.

- they provide sublime benefits to your whole body, generated by your own energy

- they increase your sexual power, vitality, longevity

- as you relax and open more to these experience, you will discover a burning fire within yourself, which has always been there waiting for you to ignite it; this fire is your sexual vital force and it is the same force that will help you obtain what you desire to achieve in life

- it is a unique way for the modern man do discover ways to fulfill his deepest desires

- it teaches you how to discover your own masculine sensuality, to enjoy being touched; it shows you how to positively respond to pleasure and touching

- the tantric massage is a way to help you overcome certain sexual issues and to awaken your senses


- these massages are performed nude or topless by professional masseuses who have studied and successfully practiced tantric techniques. If it is your first time with us, I recommend you should begin with an iTeaTalk session which will get you ready for the actual massage and will help you enjoy the next step. Then you can have the special iTantric massage.

- the natural oils we use hydrate and relax your skin, creating the velvet effect under our masseuse’s  sensual skilful touch. Combined with aromatherapy and the relaxing music, they create the perfect atmosphere in order to have a fulfilling experience.

 - our masseuses are here to create a new world of sensuality for you, a world far from everyday life, a world which will become irresistible for you. Our masseuses’ ability to lead your erotic energy through your body is a fundamental element which differentiates iTantric massage from other types of massages of this kind.

iTantric  massages are authentic traditional erotic massages and have nothing in common with other types of massages named identically but which are not professional. The well known “happy ending” is not part of the tantric massage considering that the tantric massage aims towards exactly the opposite of discharging, meaning the control and rising of the erotic energy in order to use it to enchant and fulfill our whole being and not to waste it through ejaculation. It is the royal path to rise above instinct, to go beyond it and become a superior human being.

What you have to do is focus and remain present to the touching performed on you, breathing in a controlled way as indicated by our masseuse. This breathing keeps you in the present moment and helps your erotic energy move all through your body.

These massages will help you become a healthy sexual human being. In order to experience the states of erotic ecstasy you have been dreaming of and of which those who practice tantric techniques speak about, you need to silence your mind and your inner being in order to be able to connect to the spiritual dimension of your being. This is impossible to happen if agitated and uncontrolled instinctually since the sexual energy itself kept inside your body, used as a fuel and directed at will is the one that can lift you on the peaks of the ecstasy of the refined pleasures.

With the special iTantric massages we can offer a great pleasure to a human being, without the coldness of the classic therapeutic massage and outside the intimacy specific to the act of making love. To feel pleasure is one of the basic needs of our souls and it is an important part of what and who each of us are.